Wellness BioSciences RX Review: Retail CBD Oil OR Recruit?


Are you moved by the business potential of CBD oils and wondering whether Wellness BioSciences RX could be a place to build an income stream or you’re just checking on how genuine they’re? Either way, you’ve found yourself in the right place. 

With the benefits of CBD oils disclosed in scientific studies, it is gaining ground in the health and wellness niche. But does it mean Wellness BioSciences RX has something valuable to offer you or just another MLM ripoff scam? 

Revealed in this review……..

  • What has Wellness BioSciences RX got to do with CBD Oil…..All you need to know about them.
  • A money-making opportunity or a drain to your hard-earned money….a dive into their business opportunity
  • Evergreen Opportunities waiting online for your grab…the best part is…it’s FREE and no credit card needed!

So do me the honours as I share with you what I learned from my thorough research.

Quick View of Wellness BioSciences Rx

Product Name: Wellness BioSciences Rx

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review - scam or legitWebsite: wellnessbiosciencesrx.com

Headquarters: Houston, USA

Industry: Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing

Founders: Barry Cocheu & Sean M. Baker

Founded: 24th August 2018

Product category: health and wellness

Price: $49.95 registration fee

Summary: Wellness BioSciences Rx is one of the young MLM companies in the nutritional supplement niche which claims to help “bridge the gap between provider and patient” through their CBD products. Along with them is a business opportunity that individuals can join to earn money through retailing of products and multi-level marketing. 

My Overall Rating: 4.0 out of 10

Remarks: Approach with Caution

number one recommendation

What is Wellness BioSciences Rx About?

Wellness BioSciences Rx is a wellness industry which sells out its products through direct selling and a network of partners who earn commissions from product purchases. The company specializes in CBD products which are popularly known to relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression…just to say the least.

CBD is a short form of cannabidiol which is a compound found in Cannabis Sativa plant, a source where hemp and marijuana also originate from. You can put it as sisters of the same family but CBD is totally different from hemp and marijuana. 

It’s carefully extracted and processed in a medically constrained standard to provide benefits far from the influence of psychoactive compounds as contained in hemp and marijuana. The benefit that CBD provides has been the motivation of Wellness BioSciences Rx business which claims to have the finest in the industry, hence the hype of its business opportunity.  

Who Are The Faces Behind This Then? 

The company is shouldered by Barry Cocheu & Sean M. Baker. Barry Cocheu, the CEO and founder of the Wellness BioSciences Rx is revealed to have been affiliated with Ameriscience nutritional supplements which is no longer in operation after it has some legal issues. 

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review - company founders

Sean M. Baker, on the other hand, is the president and founder who is profiled as “Combat Veteran, successful entrepreneur, and business owner for 15 years”. 

Wellness BioSciences RX Products

In their own voice, “Our products specialize in the development of the highest grade 100% USA-grown hemp oil rich in CBD, CBDA, CBG, CBN, CBC, and terpenes.”

According to Wellness BioSciences Rx (WBRX), their product manufacturing is handled by Ph.D. scientist to provide the best to their customers and they have a partnership with health care providers. 

Basically, they have four main products…….

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review - products

WBRx Energy – 1 oz

The bottle comes in the form of an oral dropper which costs $109.99. Its constituent is made of tinctures, CBD isolates and organic MCT oils which contains a blend of other compounds and vitamins. 

WBRx Sleep – 1 oz

Similar to WBRX energy except with the infusion of Terpenes which blends organic MCT oil and melatonin. It goes for $109.99. 

WBRx Balance

It contains 30 capsules of CBD soft gels which are said to contain 99% of cannabidiol together with other extracts. It’s sold at $119.99. 

WBRx Relief Balm

The least price of them all….$99.99. It’s specifically made into the balm for dressing sore or applying at sore for pain relief.

In addition to the various product is purchasing package…..

Combo Pak A – Is a package which contains all the products and it’s sold at $440

Now that you’re aware of the products that Wellness Biosciences Rx deals in, let’s take a look at the income opportunity presented by the owners.  

How Do You Make Money With Wellness BioSciences Rx?

Before you can make money with their business opportunity, you first have to be recognized as a business partner. In their words, you become WBRx Independent Brand Partner (IBP) when you sign up on their website. 

How Do You Become WBRx Independent Brand Partner?

On their website, under the “Join Us” tab, you follow on by clicking the get started button to take you to the registration page. On the page, you’re required fo fill up with your personal information including shipping information. 

To complete your registration, you either have to select a registration fee or rank package which comes at different costs. 

Registration fee ($49.95)

This comes with your back office, mobile app and marketing website with no product. If you want any product after selecting this option, then you have to purchase sample products. Other than that you choose the rank packages. 

Silver Pak ($499.95)

In addition to the things you get under the registration fee, you get the WBRx Combo pack with one extra relief balm. 

Gold Pak ($1,324.95)

This package qualifies you instantly to manager rank and you get 3 WBRx combo packs, 1 balance, 1 relief balm in addition to the registration fee kits. 

Diamond Pack ($2,449.95)

You directly qualify to the executive rank, receives 7 WBRx combo packs in addition to the registration fee kits. 

Platinum Pack ($3,799.95) 

Instantly qualifies you to director rank, 11 WBRx combo packs, 1 balance, 1 relief balm and registration fee kits. 

Choosing any of these packages is a matter of your pocket, but in any case, the money you’ll be making is dependent on the following options.  

Personal/Direct Purchase

Once you’re qualified as WBRx Independent Brand Partner, any product you sell to a customer comes with a commission. In simple mathematical term,

Profit = WBRx Retail Sale – WBRx Partner Discounted Price

Hence, the amount of money you make with this option is dependent on the number of sales you make. Usually, this option doesn’t fetch much which takes me to the next option. 

Recruitment/ Multilevel Marketing

This option is what normally referred to us residual income generator. The money you make here is through the recruitment of new WBRx partners into your network. To thrive here, you need to develop good team leadership and communication skills. 

Members who find themselves at the top of the pyramid are those that reap many benefits. 

Qnet Compensation Plan

Wellness Biosciences Rx hardly makes their compensation plan on their website so I manage to get some extract from a presentation shared by Barry Cocheu. Interestingly he seems to encourage recruitment than retailing which could be very troublesome. 

Fast Start Cash Bonus

It’s a bonus you get when you recruit someone into the business depending on the pak the person signs up with. On the presentation, Barry speaks about 2 paks (starters and builders) which is different from the paks presented in the sign-up form on their website. 

  • You earn $50 dollars when you recruit someone on starter pak which cost $195
  • $100 for recruiting someone on builders pak ($495)

Recruitment Commissions

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review - volume calculationThese commissions are earned on the volumes you generate in sales and recruitment. WBRx has 2 volume definitions namely personal brand volume(PBV) and personal group volume (PGV). PBV is calculated 100% on the personal purchase of products and on your VIP customer website whiles PGV is 50% on team volumes shown on the right. 

Based on these volumes you’re ranked on levels which comes with discounts on product purchase. To qualify for commissions you need to have 1500PBV and must have made certain volumes of sales. 

Below is a table explaining the various ranks, required volumes to generate and discounts on products;

Rank Required PGV Per Month, $ Discounts, %
IBP Up to 2,999.99  10
Manager 3,000 to 14,999.99 15
Executive 15,000 to 29,999.99 20
Director 30,000 to 59,999.99 20
Regional Director 60,000 to 119,999.99 20
National Marketing Director 120,000 to 239,999.99 20
President’s Partnership Club 240,000 or more 20

National marketing director and Presidents partnership club have to maintain the volumes for consecutive 2 and 4 months respectively. 

Production Bonuses

From the rank of director and upwards WBRx provides you with production bonuses which are calculated on retail volumes on your team. The percentages are as follows;

  • Director: 5%
  • Regional Director: 10%
  • National Marketing Director: 15%
  • President’s Partnership Club: 20%

To qualify for these bonuses you should have met your personal and group volumes. 

Residual Income

Also depending on rank and generations you have in your team, WBRx offers you bonuses to certain levels. These commissions are solely on the recruitment of partners into the team and you will need good team skills to generate this kind of income;

  • Manager earns 7% commissions on generation 1 
  • Executive earns 7% commissions on generation 1 and 2
  • Director earns 7% commissions on generation 1 to 3
  • Regional Director earns 7% commissions on generation 1 to 4
  • National Marketing Director earns 14% commissions on generation 1 to 5
  • President’s Partnership Club earns 21% commissions on generation 1 to 6

Infinity Bonus

This bonus is for partners at the top of the pyramid that’s National Marketing Director and President’s Partnership Club. The bonus is calculated on the entire team volumes up to generation 7 in your team. 

  • National Marketing Director earns 1% infinity bonus up to the generation 7
  • President’s Partnership Club earns 2% infinity bonus up to the generation 7

Leadership Bonuses and Luxury Incentives

As a way to motivate distributors to recruit more people into the business, WBRx rewards high ranking partners with luxurious incentives. This could be in the form of a luxury car or travelling bonuses. Details are not fully provided. 

Only distributors at the ranks of the National Marketing Director and President’s Partnership Club qualify for this treatment. 

These are nice looking commissions that everyone who joins wishes to achieve but most ends at the bottom of the pyramid with a pile of products and loss. Maybe you might be among the lucky ones at the top, who knows. 

Red Flags Revealed – Is It Worth Partnering With Wellness BioSciences Rx?

All those income potential sounds great…..pretty much of a life changer if you should be in the highest rank. Honestly, a lot of people are losing far way more than they can make with MLMs so you might want to consider the following carefully.

Redflag #1: No Income Statement Disclosure

All that the compensation plan presents looks good on paper but it’s far from real issues on the ground. That’s more of the reasons why having an income statement disclosure for public’s knowledge is essential for one’s discretion but Wellness BioSciences Rx chooses to withhold that from the public if there even exists one. 

Studies on MLM opportunities have revealed very slim success of most participants so before you commit yourself to any company, you need to at least have an idea of the success rate of the business. But n WBRx, you have no way of assessing your success rate which is a high risk to ignore. 

Redflag #2: No BBB Accreditation and Rating

If you so much care about the investigations BBB carries to verify the claims of businesses such as WBRx, then for your information, you wouldn’t find them there. What that implies is their claims have not been proved by a third-party investigative body. 

You can’t wholely take the words of BBB for your personal decision though but it sure provides insights since customers also get the chance to submit their concerns. That’s where you wouldn’t get negative comments deleted as done by most companies. 

Redflag #3: Already Crowded CBD Oil MLM Niche

WBRx does well in pitching their products but the flight of CBD oil took off the ground long before the company was even launched. Since almost all of the CBD companies go about with a single story emphasizing the product derivation from pure hemp, there’s no different story by WBRx. 

That’s not to taint the products of Wellness BioSciences Rx. For sure they need to thoroughly evaluate the product to provide outstanding quality to customers which comes with costs. However, the argument of CBD oil overcrowding in the market space can’t be brushed off. Partners would have to come out with a strong competing edge to penetrate the market. 

Redflag #4: Compensation Plan Is Hard To Find

It appears like WBRx is hiding its compensation plan from the public. During my research to provide you with this information, I searched every corner of the website but couldn’t get my hands on any comp plan of their income opportunity. 

What I could get was what Barry Cocheu explained in a presentation I came across. Why would they make it so hard to find? 

Redflag #5: Recruitment Focussed Compensation Plan

Most MLM companies would like to play it safe by trying as much as possible to encourage retailing of products through their compensation plan but WBRx seems to foster otherwise. The presentation by Barry seems to be silent with a strong pitch of you’ll get your money back even just with the fast cash bonus if you recruit people coming on board with that and that pak. 

That may call for problems with FTC guidelines and it’s something you wouldn’t want to go through if the company is tailed by this agency. The other factor is them offering more discounts to higher ranks which are reached through recruitment.  

What I like about Wellness BioSciences Rx

It’s not all about the red flags that you need to take note of, WBRx does well in other things which I want to give a thumbs up. They’re;

Good #1: Awesome 12 Month Buy-Back Guarantee

WBRx offers independent brand partners the opportunity to return resalable products not older than 12 for a 90% reimbursement which is a kind gesture. Companies like Arego Life and QuiAri only provide a money-back guarantee on the product you’re using and not that you’re retailing. 

This is a huge risk that WBRx is taking but it pays in the long run for a business. With this particular kind of guarantee, I’m thinking how effective this will be since people can use it to play the system. Probably, WBRx has measures to control that so in all it’s a good thing the company is doing. 

Good #2: Proof of Product Certification

Wellness BioSciences Rx Review - certification of analysis sampleWBRx doesn’t only pitch their products as a stand-out in the market but glamorously provides the verification of their quality test on their website. They have a certificate of analysis for all their product which implies that third-party testing has verified their claims of what they present to the market. 

That may be a good tool for independent brand partners to leverage for business but you would have to do more to excel. Because other CBD marketing companies definitely have something to show for theirs too. 

My Conclusion: Is Wellness BioSciences Rx Scam or legit?

Wellness BioSciences Rx may be fresh in the market but they don’t come close to a scam. They seem to have strong research support for their products which is good for business, however, their income opportunity is a steep cliff to climb. 

What really got me curious is their packages. They’re pretty much expensive and it looks like you can use it buy your way into a rank which is likely to encourage a get-rich-quick scheme mindset. For example, the platinum pak which costs $3,799.95 pushes you into a director rank which of course comes with some bonuses. 

In addition to that, you’re given about 11 combo packs that’s heck a lot of products to be used by one person. With my experience in MLM, when you’re not able to sell out this pile of products, it becomes your loss. My guess is that some IBP might even use this packages to sell people out that all that you need to do is invest $xxxx amount and you’ll be in this rank which rakes in $xxxxx every month. 

Believe you me, someone might do that because I’ve been through systems like that. This kind of option that WBRx provide might foster a shortcut mindset to climb up the ranks which are likely to end people in bankruptcy.

It’s very tempting to believe that using those packages might bring you success quick but it’s more of the reason why over 99% of people fail in MLMs and since WBRx also provides no income disclosure, you have no assurance of success with their system. 

Apart from that, you should be ready to recruit like crazy to find yourself on top of the pyramid as their comp plan encourages. And if you can’t do the following as I couldn’t keep up with it myself when I joined MLMs, then I would recommend you to stay away…

  • Chasing people here and there to sell them products or recruits into your team in order to earn commissions 
  • Being compelled to buy monthly products to qualify for commissions and keep your downlines in the game
  • Organizing meetings regularly for your downlines and having to call at least 20 people a day…you’re mostly on the phone 

But there is a better option which I’ve found to make money online where…..

  • People rather come to me without approaching them
  • No need for making calls and boring friends or families to sign up in my team
  • You don’t have to own or buy any product or build any pyramid scheme to make a full-time income

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Oh heck, I almost forgot…feel free to share your story in the comment box below if you have any experience with Wellness BioSciences Rx.

Sharing will help a fellow to make the right decision and if you have any questions too, drop it there and I’ll be glad to connect with you. 

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  1. Hello Derrick, Thanks for writing on Wellness BioScience RX. It is very important for me before entering in Wellness bioscience Rx. It is not a scam site. It has a good product research team but it is much expensive. I found your 4 step blueprint to making money online. Soon I will receive mail on 4 steps blueprint to make money online.

    Thank you, Parveen

  2. I have actually seen a number of people jump into different mlm programs out there that didn’t work out fine for them and seeing that you wouldn’t totally recommend this one as well shows just how much it isn’t a good one to go into. One thing I have noticed though is that this type of platform is either into wellness or the cosmetic field. Your review is quite an expository of the wellness biosciences rx company. Nice job

    • While the majority don’t last long in the business, others sometimes do survive so it’s definitely not for everyone. Thanks for sharing your experience. 

  3. I’m getting well up in my years not as in age, but health issues. I’ll turn 68 pretty soon. I have a very damaged spine from working hard all my life, using my back.I’ve got five pinched nerves in my lumbar region. Hurts my legs.
    Ive worked with a lot of reputable companies like Lipton Tea, Coca-Cola Bottling Company, United Parcel Service, and ended up warehousing becoming a manager over thirteen warehouses throughout Texas and New Mexico. Plus everything else I could find, like telemarketing. I did that part time and broke all kinds of selling records. I sold 25 dollar packages back in the 1970’s and made a commission of six dollars a successful sell. Three hours five days a week and I would bring in a paycheck close to three hundred a week. I have been interested in this product for awhile to help my pain issues. And to help others would be a bonus for me. PCB looks like it can sell itself. Found your article very interesting and so am I.

    • Hi Darrell,
      Thanks for your comments and you’re indeed interesting. Your profile suggests you have boatloads of experience in the selling which could be an advantage. However, I’m not sure how your age will keep up with this system of selling. Anyway, I wish you well and hope you find what you’re looking for.


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