Is Maskcara Beauty A Scam? Don’t Just Be A Follower!

Are you so concerned about your beauty and wondering whether Maskcara Beauty is a scam or the products are pretty clean to add to your favourite arsenals? 

Perhaps you’re passionate about exploring beauty products and you want to know whether the business opportunity of Maskcara Beauty is something worthwhile to do on the side. 

First of all, congratulations on doing your background research because that’s how you avoid scams and discover legit products and ways to make money

To hit the nail right on the head, Maskcara Beauty is not a scam. However, you’re likely to be caught in two minds if you’re to decide on using their products. Reviews from the internet and youtube seem to be incongruent which is what this review will help you to understand.

That’s just for the products – the business aspect is something you would want to dig a bit deeper before you reach out to your pocket. Great products birth great business – is it the case for Maskcara Beauty?

Let’s find out.  

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Maskcara Beauty Review 

what is maskcara beauty aboutBusiness Name: Maskcara Beauty 


Headquarters: Southern Utah 

Industry: Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: Cara Brook

Founded: 2013

Products: Beauty products

Price: $199 and $399 plus 9.95/month

Summary: Maskcara Beauty is a multilevel marketing company which was created on the idea that makeup should be used to make women beautiful. Their product line is focussed on the face. Customer reviews show a disparity in satisfaction of the product and there isn’t any information provided on the success rate of their distributors referred to as Artist. 

My Overall Rating: 5 out of 10

Remarks: Suitable for beauty enthusiasts but have to go through the review to decide whether to partner with them. 

number one recommendation

What is Maskcara Beauty About?

Cara Brook, beauty blogger and founder of maskcara beautyMaskcara Beauty is a network marketing or MLM company which was founded by Cara Brook. Cara is popularly known on social media as a beauty blogger and a makeup activist who turned her ideas into this business in 2013. 

However, was registered in August 2015 according to which implies that the business was operated offline for some time before surfacing on the internet.

Cara through her blog has educated visitors of her website in makeup and most of her followers loved her for the valuable information she shared with them. The new turn of her passion has pissed some people off with the thought that her values will change as she enters the MLM game. 

I, therefore, perceive your interest in searching more about Maskcara Beauty is not just about the personality of Cara but these two most probable things:

  1. You want to know if Maskcara Beauty products can project your beauty to the highest level or
  2. You want to know if you can make money with the company as an Artist

Well, to answer your questions…

The feedback regarding Maskcara Beauty products is overall positive. However, not all of them met the expectations of the customer and apart from their sparkling packaging, they are not seen as an unprecedented breakthrough as hyped by some Artists. 

With the business aspect, their compensation plan seems attractive but it’s shocking to know that no info is provided to judge whether people are succeeding or not. Statistics show that over 95% of MLM distributors fail and most lose money in the end. 

Will you succeed if you should join the Maskcara Beauty company or you’re destined to fail?

In the following sections, I’ll be sharing with you all that you need to know about the company and the indicators for success so that you can decide. Of a fact, if you’ll succeed in an MLM company, the products play a major part. 

Maskcara Beauty Product Line

A common thing you will find among networking marketing companies like Acti-Labs in the health and beauty industry is the hype of their scientific research backing their products. Maskcara beauty products appear to project user experience more than the science backing it. 

What this means is that you have to do your background check to be sure that there are no components that your skin is allergic to. Most Artists who are only interested in making money wouldn’t tell you so you have to be cautious. 

You’re however to note that not everyone’s skin will react with the product the same way so if you’re going to be an Artist, you need to be a product of the Maskcara beauty products so that you can help your customers. 

Maskcara beauty products are categorized to target the face, eyes, and skin. Under them is a wide range of products which are good for business. They have brushes and other tools for doing your makeup. 

They’re however adding fragrances and other products to their catalog. Below is a list of their product which you can view here. 

  • Face
  • range of products offered by maskcara beautyHighlight
  • Contour
  • Lip + Cheek
  • Illuminator
  • Setting Powder
  • Bronzer
  • Eyes
  • Eye Shadow All
  • Eyeliner
  • Skin
  • milk
  • Lip Conditioner
  • Setting Spray
  • Brushes & Tools
  • Fragrances

Popular among these products, is the Maskcara Beauty IIID Foundation which is claimed to be an all in one quick application for “perfect lighting” and covering of spots. 

One good thing is that Maskcara Beauty provides you tutorials on their site on how to use their product which is a good thing for business. But does it mean you’re likely to succeed as an Artist? 

Let’s see what the compensation plan says. 

Maskcara Beauty Compensation Plan

Apart from being the product of Maskcara Beauty products, you need to have the compensation plan at your fingertips if you’re going to be an Artist with the aim to make money. 

You make money either by selling products or building a team of Artists which in other words means recruiting. In this business, you can’t make significant money if you’re not ready to be a salesperson.

Not only do you have to learn the skills of a sales manager and a leader, but you should be ready to face rejections upon rejections and still have the enthusiasm to carry on. 

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If you choose to partner with Maskcara Beauty, you’re going to make money in the following ways:

Retailing Commissions

As Maskcara Artist, you earn 20% commissions on all personal sales you make. It sounds like a good commission but you need to make more hundreds of sales to feel its weight which is hard to be achieved on part-time. 

However, this commission is likely to increase after you’ve completed your “Artist Training Period” which set you on the road to making additional bonuses. 

What Is Artist Training Period Then? 

After you’ve purchased your kit and paid your $9.95 monthly back office fee, you become an Artist with Maskcara Beauty which implies you want to work with them as their business partner. 

As a new artist, you’re put in a training period which requires you to make your first $800 in sales. When you achieve this sale, your training is completed and you can now earn more commissions. 

This is a smart way for Maskcara Beauty to promote retailing but it limits you in leveraging the efforts of others to make more money which is what MLM is all about. 

The longer it takes for you to make the $800 sales the more chances you lose in making more money so you have to work your butts out to complete your training period. 

Recruitment Commissions

After completing your Artist Training Period you get to the phase where you earn more commissions from recruitment as you reach team goals. 

In addition to the retail commissions, these commissions are paid to you depending on the number of people you recruit as Maskcara Artist into your team. In my experience, this is where a major percentage of your money will be made. 

You will have to develop yourself to acquire the skills of recruiting before you can succeed. There are different commissions to make here but each of them requires specific qualifications which are explained in the video below. 

The above video not only tells you how much you can make but reveals the work you’ll be signing up for if you decide to be Maskcara Artist. 

Do you see yourself fit to succeed with this compensation plan? And are you passionate about selling this product to make money?

If not…………

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How Do You Join Maskcara Beauty?

If you see yourself working with Maskcara Beauty, then you have to become Maskcara Artist. This is similar to the distributor as referred to by most MLM companies. 

To become an Artist you have to purchase one of the two kits below; 

  1. Basic Artist Kit ($199)

  • packages offered by maskcara beauty25 Catalogues
  • 25 Host Brochures 
  • 25 Opportunity Brochures
  • 25 Post Cards
  • 18 IIID Foundation Singles
  • 1 Powder Single
  • 2 Brushes / 1 Perfector
  • 3 Compacts

  1. Pro Artist Kit ($399)

  • 25 Catalogues
  • 2Maskcara Beauty pro kit package5 Host Brochures 
  • 25 Opportunity Brochures
  • 25 Post Cards
  • 21 IIID Foundation Singles
  • 12 Eyeshadow Singles
  • 2 Powder Singles
  • 6 Brushes / 1 Perfector
  • 4 Compacts
  • 20 Temporary Tattoos 
  • Milk Moisturizer

These kits help you to start your business and it’s recommended that you use the product yourself to get firsthand experience so that you can advertise to your customers. 

According to Maskcara Beauty, you can’t upgrade to Pro Artist in case you chose a Basic Artist Kit so you have to do your maths well before clicking on the “get button”.  

In addition to any of the packages you choose, you’re required to pay $9.95 every month for your back office maintenance and other things to sustain Maskcara Beauty system. 

Not sure whether you’re in for this deal? Balance the pros and cons to decide. 

Pros Vs Cons Of Maskcara Beauty


Good Range of Products

Unlike Wellness BioSciences Rx, Maskcara Beauty has a fairly wide range of products which is a bit close to 4Life, Qnet, and Acti-Labs which is good for selling business. 

With products targeting face, eye, and skin as well as the needed tools for makeup, you will be able to meet the needs of any customer who cares about beauty. 

However, that does not guarantee to make a good amount of money because you’ll need the skill in not only building an unlimited list of customers but converting them to sales

Comprehensive Training Resources

One of the things I like about Maskcara Beauty is the resource materials they’ve prepared to train and guide anyone who wants to become an Artist and even people who want to apply the makeup. 

That portrays how Cara is passionate about beauty and the desire to share with you what she knows in doing makeup. You have access to video tutorials which is a no-brainer to follow and replicate. 

For the business aspect, Maskcara provides you with the material to equip you with the artistic creativity to make your customers beautiful. 

Aesthetically Awesome Packaging

The packaging of Maskcara Beauty can get you glued to their products because they’re as beautiful as the makeup you want to do. Even people with negative reviews on some aspect wouldn’t deny this fact. 

They have different decker styles and palettes which you wouldn’t want to lose. Not only is the packaging aesthetically pleasing to the eye but very portable and makes it easy for travelling. 

If you’re going to get more customers for Maskcara beauty products, I have no doubt that most people will buy them because of the packaging. That’s good for business. 


Followers of Brook who wished she never ventured into MLM business are disappointed probably due to the following. 

#1. High Startup Cost

To become an Artist you must socket at least $209 from your pocket which is a little bit high considering it wouldn’t be the last product you’ll be buying. Usually, you’re advised to use these products yourself so that you can have personal experience with the product. 

What this means is that you would have to buy more than $209 products to start your sales manager journey which may take a while for you to even recoup your initial investment. 

Starters who lack the requisite skills of selling and joins with the mindset of doing it only on a part-time basis mostly end up losing their capital. 

#2. No Income Disclosure for Success Rate Assessment

Travelling on road less travelled takes undying zeal but having historical data mostly increases your faith on the possibilities of what you’ve set your mind to do. 

Since over 95% of people who join MLM companies fail, having the company’s income statement is one of the ways to judge whether you’re not throwing your money away. 

Maskcara Beauty has no income statement available on their site for people who want to become Artist to know whether they’re signing up for a worthwhile business.

Of course, the beauty industry has a promising future but not knowing how well the business you’re getting yourself into is doing can be a dead-end for you. 

#3. Gender-focused Business Model

Most of the time, MLM companies assume an unlimited number of customers and distributors which makes the theoretical calculation of the income opportunity attractive for anyone who desires financial freedom. However, it’s far from reality.

The products of Maskcara Beauty target only females which is already squashing away like half of your prospects. Maybe some males may be interested in doing the business or buying the product for their partners but hey what percentage of males will do that. 

I’m imagining how funny the male will sound in marketing the product……..:). 

So aside from being on the blindside with respect to the success rate of Artists, you also have a streamlined prospect which is something you need to consider if you’re going to do this as a business. 

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#4. Limited Payment Option

Maskcara Beauty uses Palution as the only payment option to get your cash out of your virtual office whenever you earn a commission. 

You have to acquire Maskcara debit card as an Artist if you ever want to cash out your commissions. At the moment, you can’t withdraw using the popular Paypal or direct bank transfer. 

Is Maskcara Beauty A Scam? 

Maskcara Beauty is not a scam. With a founder who is renowned in the beauty blogging space, there are high chances that she wouldn’t want to taint the trust of her followers. But who knows, human nature is complex to predict. 

Considering the genesis of her business, the release of even one bombshell product will drastically affect her business. Let’s hope she continues to deliver as the brand her followers appreciate. 

One thing I wish she could do more is the science behind her products so that people will have a strong assurance of the cleanliness of the products. 

You also have to keep in mind that the product wouldn’t deliver 100% satisfaction for everyone because of how different we are. 

My Humble Advice

If you’re someone who is passionate about beauty and makeup and see yourself selling Maskcara Beauty product for a long time, then you can give it a try. 

One thing I’ve learned from distributors of most MLMs, in this case, Artist is that they’re products of the companies’ products. So what I’ll suggest to you is that you use the products for at least a month to be convinced of its quality so that you can passionately share with people to drive sales home. 

That will be your journey in the selling industry and the truth is that you can’t achieve any financial freedom with this business without recruiting or building a team of Artists. 

It will mean that you have to learn the skills to generate unlimited prospects for your business both online and offline. Doing this part-time too wouldn’t generate you an income your livelihood can depend on. I’m talking from my experience. 

And you should be prepared to face rejection over and over again without losing enthusiasm. That’s how you toughen yourself to move on. If not then the business is not for you. 

What if at this point you’ve realized that Maskcara Beauty is not for you? What else can you do to make money online? Read on……

Maskcara Beauty Best Business Alternative

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Final Words – Over To You!

You deserve a pat on the back for following through the review to this point and I hope that whatever confusion or answer you were looking for has been addressed. 

If you find this review helpful then you can share it with anyone who is caught between two minds on whether Maskcara Beauty is a scam or a legitimate company to partner with and I’ll appreciate it so much. 

Furthermore, should you consider creating an online business out of your passion, there’s a FREE ultimate guide below that you can sign-up to help you get started. 

Until then, feel free to share your experience on Maskcara Beauty or ask any questions you have and I’ll be more than glad to reply. 

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  1. Many thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us .I love to dress up. So I search for articles or websites related to decoration. I have heard the name of mascara beauty in purchasing my beauty products and I have used the products of this company. The products of this company’s Highlight, Eyeliner, setting spray etc. are my favorite .Mashkara Beauty is not a scam .I will be buying some more products from this company in the future as the products here are great features .

    I am connected to this website myself and I will ask my other friends to join this website and ask them to buy the product from here. Undoubtedly the products here are very good.

  2. As much as I figured that my wife can really make a living through this, I had to step back immediately I discovers that this is an mlm business model which I would not want to bother my wife with anytime soon. Though the products are really good but then, it lack in quality and as such, not a go ahead for me I must say. Thanks for sharing

    • Hello, 

      Thanks for sharing your opinion. If you’re really interested in building an online business, then you might what to check this program. It has nothing to do with MLM if that’s your problem. 

  3. Hi Derrick,

    No doubt that MLM business model is popular and many find their way into making a full-time income out of it.

    Is Maskcara Beauty a scam? Well, after reading your detailed review, it is not. But I find myself always drawn away from MLM schemes due to many factors, including, having to buy expensive products upfront and having to recruit people which require lots of patience due to high rejection ratio.

    On the other side, Affiliate Marketing seems to be much better because it doesn’t require high upfront costs and no recruiting or direct selling is needed. In my opinion, instead of investing time in MLM, doing the same for Affiliate Marketing can have a higher return and a much more stable online business. 




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