Tester Work Review. Know This Before You Get Disappointed!

Perhaps you’ve been told that Tester Work can make you a pretty good extra income just testing apps and you want to be sure whether it’s a scam or not.  

First of all congratulations on doing your background check because that’s how you avoid scams and discover legit ways to make money online

There are unlimited opportunities on the internet with earning potential ranging from few extra bucks to full-time income. However, there are scammers always flooding the system which you have to be on guard. 

Is Tester Work one of these scams? The answer is NO but you may not like what you’ll find in the amount you’ll be earning. You may not even get close to making a penny which I’ll be diving in a bit deeper in this review. 

But on the bright side, there are several similar opportunities and even evergreen methods which you can leverage to bring money to the table. 

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Let’s delve in then! 

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Tester Work Review

Name: Tester Work

tester work under review

Website: testerwork.com

Industry: usability testing

Founder: Subsidiary of Global App Testing

Date Registered: October 2016

Start-Up Cost: $0 (Your Free Time)

Summary: Tester work is an app testing website that is owned by a crowdsourcing QA testing company called Global App Testing. They require users to participate in testing activities which helps clients to improve upon the performance of their apps before releasing to the general public and in return pay you for successfully passing the assigned task. It’s a nice way to make some extra income but the problem is there are limited invitations. 

My Overall Rating: 5.5 out of 10

Remarks: Suitable for anyone who pays attention to details and doesn’t mind exchanging his/her free time with extra bucks 

number one recommendation

What Is Tester Work About? 

Tester Work is a subsidiary of Global App Testing, a crowdsourcing QA testing company co-founded by Owais Peer in 2016. It’s more like a hub where web/app developers and testers are hosted for QA testing. 

According to them, they have a community of over 20,000 testers around the world and still welcome anyone who wants to make money from his or her free time. 

number of people making tester work community

That sounds like a ready field to be harvested. Alexa ranking, however, shows a decreasing engagement over the past three months which connotes less activity taking place at the websites. 

What could that mean? That’s something we will be digging a bit deeper in the subsequent sections of this review. 

When you join Tester Work, the websites and apps you’ll be testing are likely to be from the following companies as stated on their site;

  • Evernote
  • Facebook
  • Microsoft
  • Kano
  • Spotify

These are big companies and I guess you’re wondering what kind of web or app testing you will be doing. Let’s find out. 

What Types Of Project Would You Be Participating In?

Testing websites and apps sound like a no-brainer, but it may not be as easy as you may perceive if you don’t understand the kind of instructions you’re asked to follow. 

The testing is categorized into two types. 

Exploratory Testing

This testing requires you to interact with the app or websites exploring almost every corner of its features to see whether they’ll respond based on how they were designed. 

While you test component features, you’re required to report any anomaly or unexpected feedback from actions you take on the platform. 

Tester work provides you test document specification so that you know what to do and not to do which is something you have to take note else you won’t earn anything. 

Test Case Execution

The tests under this are further divided into legacy and tester work platform. 

For Legacy, you’re given a set of flows or actions to carry out which you compare your observations with expected results provided by their team. This test requires you to be interacting with their team. 

With the tester work platform, you’re left on your own to interact with the app without any instructions of what to do or not to do. You either pass or fail so it will be appropriate to check out the fundamental principles in order to excel. 

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Now that you have an idea of what you’ll be getting yourself into, let’s see how to join if you see yourself in Tester Work community. 

How Do You Become A Tester on Tester Work?

The starting point is……

1. Signing up

You just head to testerwork.com home page and click on “become a tester” button. You’ll be required to provide your personal information which is the first step of the registration process. 

What you would want to pay more attention to are the preferred communication methods (email, skype, phone and other) and social media portals.  

Adding your Linkedin profile will increase your chances of getting more invitation for testing opportunities so you might want to consider that if you’re comfortable with it. 

2. Pass The Online Assessment

This is the determining stage of whether you’ll be working with Tester Work or not. You’re tested of QA experience and proficiency in the English language. 

You’re given two attempts to prove yourself eligible. If you fail the two tests, you’re disqualified from receiving any invitation. If you think you’re not confident to pass, then GetPaidTo, Respondent, Fluidstack, PointsPrizes, Rewards1 and Prizerebel may be your best bet. 

But if you can take up the challenge and pass, you’re ushered into stage 3. In taking the test, make sure to read the notion page carefully.  

3. Project Invitations for Testing  

Once you pass the test, you’ll receive an email containing additional details needed to participate in testing. 

You’re, however, to note that subsequent invitations for project testing will be dependent on your profile and the number of devices added during your registration. 

In addition to that, you have to be checking your emails regularly for any testing opportunities as found in Userlytics, Userzoom, TryMyUI, Testing time, UserTesting and User Testing Market

But when you qualify as a tester, does it guarantee good money or it’s a rat race to a dead end?

How Much Money Can You Earn With Tester Work?

Tester work doesn’t pay a fixed amount per test. While some test comes with a fixed amount, others are paid based on the number of bugs you find. 

However, you’ll know the amount you’ll be paid in the email you receive before accepting to participate. The minimum threshold of payment is $5. 

To give you an idea of how much you should be expecting per test, I found a sample test ad on their website to show you. 

how much you can make is shown on Tester Work job sample

This definitely shows that you can’t quit your job over this although some may be a bit higher but not what your livelihood can depend on. It’s just a side gig……

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How Do You Get Paid?

Tester work has two methods of payment – Paypal and Upwork contract. Both of them come with fees which will be deducted from your earnings. 

Also, payments are made to you in approximately two weeks after the test cycle has ended. For example, if a testing period is From March 15 to April 20, your payment will be within two weeks after April 20. 

If you’re interested in Tester work, then you have to find ways to maximize your earnings through the following tips. 

Tips And Tricks To Earn More on Tester Work

#1. Expand Your Project Eligibility 

To get more invitations for testing projects, you have to make sure that you don’t only have a wide range of devices but up to date OS. 

You’ll also lose some opportunities if older devices are deleted from your profile because you never know when they become useful. 

#2. Find More Bugs Accepted By Tester Work

Functional bugs earn more money than usability suggestions so you should focus more on that. You can get most of these bugs when you read into the details of the specifications for the test. 

#3. Sharpen Your Skills By Learning From Experienced Testers

The secret of getting ahead is not just getting started but learning from people who have walked your walk. Check out reported bugs to have a fair knowledge of areas to cover so that you can have more insights into finding bugs. 

Tester Work Pros Vs Cons 


#1. FREE to Join

You don’t need a sign-up payment fee in order to participate in testing projects. The only thing you have to worry about is your personal information.

#2 Available Worldwide

It’s not restricted to certain countries which is good for any interested person to join irrespective of location. 

#3. You Get The Opportunity To Win Prizes And Network

Tester work provides an event called Testathon which is like a hackathon for the testing community. Top 50 testing members are given an amazing app to test and winners are awarded prizes. 

The video below is on the Testathon events.

Not only will this improve your QA testing skills but you get the chance to meet new people and share ideas. 


#1. You Can’t Quit Your Job Over It

You have to bear in mind that what Tester Work provides is just a side gig for your free time. You can’t expect to pay your bills with the money you will make. 

You would want to check out this proven evergreen method if you want to make a significant income. 

#2. Limited Number of Tests

You’re probably not the only one who’s joining Tester work. Even though people are screened off during the assessment stage, but the number of tests available on Tester work is small and not regular. 

This means there wouldn’t be enough test for everyone to participate. And there’s the likelihood to go through the month without participating in any test because it works on the first click on invitation, first takes. 

#3. Experience Needed To Qualify

Although you’re encouraged to be a tester with your free time, the truth is that people with Quality Assurance experience get the upper hand.

Opportunities like GetPaidTo, Respondent and Fluidstack don’t need any QA before you can make money from your free time.  

Is Tester Work a Scam?

Apart from its low earnings rate, Tester work is not a scam. They’ve been in operation for over 2 years and it’s managed by a trusted mother company. 

There seems to be overall positive feedback on their payment report however, few have complained of their dissatisfaction of service in terms of payment time. 

While the complaints are not that much on the internet, it could also mean something else which we can probe further with the Alexa ranking. 

What Does The Alexa Ranking Report Suggest? 

Tester work alexa ranking to analyze

A continuous decrease in the Alexa ranking, as shown above, connotes two things……

  1. Reduction in the number of projects
  2. Tester Work not gaining traction

Alexa ranking considers the traffic or number of visitors going to a website and Tester work showing a continuous decrease could mean that people who joined earlier are not finding any success or not getting any invitations and thus not attracting visitors anymore.

The more convincing point will be limited projects which imply reduced invitations and thus less number visiting the site. 

What does this tell you? Rely solely not on Tester work because there a list of several companies with similar opportunities to even earn more. 

My Humble Advice

If you’re interested in giving Tester work a try, then you might as well want to check out Respondent, Userzoom, Userlytics, TestingTime, TryMyUI or this compiled list that will help you make money by testing websites. 

Having a number of them will help you make at least something every month but what if at this point you want to consider something that can help you make a full-time income. 

The Best alternative……….

Then you would want to check out this program which is helping me to make passive income working part-time even as a graduate student. 

Final Words

Thank you for following through the review to this point and I hope that whatever confusion or answer you were looking for has been addressed. 

If you find this review helpful then you can share it with anyone who is caught between two minds on whether Tester work is a scam or a legitimate company to join and I’ll appreciate it so much. 

Furthermore, should you consider creating an online business out of your passion, there’s a FREE ultimate guide below that you can sign-up to help you get started. 

Until then, feel free to share your experience on Tester Work or ask any questions you have and I’ll be more than glad to reply. 

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