Notion Cash Review: I Almost Fell For This!

Either you’re about to fall for Notion Cash’s bait of using your influence to get paid or you want to be sure if their claims are true. $25 bonus for just sign up and $15 per any referral you get is really good money for any desperate person to ignore. 

To be frank with you, it got my attention but I knew it’s too good to be true and that may be why you’re also doing your research. First of all, congratulations on doing your background check to avoid scams and discover what really makes money online

To be upfront with you, Notion Cash is not a legit site to even share your name with them and I’ll show you in this review why you’re at risk doing that through how I got into their platform. 

Interestingly, there have been similar platforms that have advertised themselves as influencer networks with the same offers. They present themselves as your financial freedom ticket like advertised on the Notion Cash website:

Notion cash happiness claim deception

Kids earn cash, dinero facil gratis, kids get money, kids paid money, viral market, cloutbucks are versions of these similar claims which you don’t have to just walk away from but run. 

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Let’s get into what I found on the little hack I did. 

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Notion Cash Review

Notion Cash Review

Platform Name: Notion Cash


Platform type: Influencer network

Founder: Not disclosed

Date Registered: March 2019

Sign-Up Cost: FREE at your own risk

Summary: Notion Cash advertises itself as an influencer network which indeed influences desperate people who want to make quick money online by spamming social media with referral links. On the other side, it’s viewed as a GPT site which rewards you for completing tasks. 

While their offers and claims are so tempting, people have actually fallen for it only for them to realize that it’s no better than a SCAM SITE

My Overall Rating: 0.1 out of 10

Remarks: You’re highly at risk if you join and I wouldn’t recommend it to you. 

number one recommendation

What Is Notion Cash About? 

NotionCash claims to be a market research panel which brings together users and sponsors in one place. Users who join their platforms participate in surveys provided by their sponsors and in return pay you for completing tasks. 

You become an influencer as called by NotionCash when you sign up and you’re tasked to earn more by referring others to the platform and participating in tasks whereby you’re usually sent to a third-party website. 

To deceive you into believing in their delusion, you’re offered $25 bonus upon signing up. It doesn’t end there, anyone that you refer to the platform earns you $15 and you’ll see your earnings increasing anytime you refer someone. 

At this time you’ll be somehow convinced that they’re here to help you make money but the end is a bitter experience. The earning rate is too good to be true for a legit site. Google Adsense doesn’t even dash out money like that.

But NotionCash really does well in convincing you that they can afford to pay you that amount of money considering their 13 years of existence. On top of it, they claim they use to pay people $2 and it’s common to find people earning $30 for completing.

Notion cash about me

Of course, it might be common but that will only count on the virtual account but will never hit your real bank account. These claims raised my eyebrows and I wanted to know the generous founders to at least thank them but found no one. 

The reason is they have nothing good to offer you but their own selfish interest. Because of that, I needed to be smart to not dash out my personal info-following is what I did! 

How I Avoided Falling Into Notion Cash Trap – Don’t Give Out Your Info

To provide you more than saying words, I went ahead to sign up so that you wouldn’t end up sharing your personal information. Did I give them my personal information then? Never!

I didn’t but I got into their platform and I’ll show you how. Any genuine platform that has good intentions make sure that no one plays their system but not NotionCash. I was able to because they themselves are playing you. 

On the signup page, I just used some characters and fake emails as you can see below. Guess what. I was registered with no verification of email as it would have been done by most genuine sites. 

notion cash sign up

On my dashboard, this is what was presented. “Hey Q”, very interesting. This is just the tip of the iceberg. More will be disclosed in the subsequent sections. 

Notion cash welcome page after sign up

After clicking on the task, I was sent to a third party website which I believe has a referral link in it. Those websites too will require your personal information before participating. 

Notion cash third party site for particiapting in task

I’m sure that when you participate in those surveys or tasks, NotionCash will make money from your hassle leaving you with nothing in the end.

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You’re not convinced? Read on!

Facts And Ugly Truths About Notion Cash Revealed

If what I’ve shared with you so far haven’t convinced you to stay away from NotionCash, then sit tight and follow closely. The following are, as they are and verifiable. 

#1. 3 Years In Business Is A BIG Lie

On their site, you’ll find years in business – 3. But according to NotionCash was registered exactly on March 12, 2019, so how can they have been in operation for 3 years. 

Notion cash lies in business

Why would they have to lie about this? Perhaps, they’ve been cloning their site and deceiving people in a similar way for 3 years because that the obvious way they can be working for the said duration. 

Other than that, they’re doing that to deceive you that they’re legit. Don’t fall for that. 

#2. 42 Million Payout? For Where? Fake Payment Proofs!

If #1 is a lie then you don’t need me to tell you that they don’t have the financial capacity to pay out such an amount of money. The truth is most legit sites like GetPaidTo, Respondent, Rewards1 and Fluidstack can’t brag of that for their first year in operation, not even now for some.  

You might ask, “what about the payment proofs?” Good question. They’re as fake as NotionCash claims themselves. What you see on NotionCash is not different from what InfluEarn and CloutShare PTY used as you can see below. They’re all scams.

Notion cash fake payment show on influearn
Notion cash fake payment proof on cloutshare


In addition, how can a website which registered on March 12, 2019, be able to pay members in 2018 and February 2019? 

It’s either they started paying members before getting registered or they’re not honest. The obvious answer lies in front of your nose……..

#3. Fake Testimonials and Videos

All those testimonials you see on their website are not true. The video proofs are real people though but they’re compelled to do it in order to be rewarded $50. See the requirement below;

Notion cash youtube videos to earn $50

You’ll see that all of those videos you’ll find on YouTube about NotionCash have the same tags for those who claim it’s legit but in reality, none of them has actually made any money. 

The below videos says it all……….

It will be safe to save your time and personal information for a method that actually works online. In addition to the fake videos, what you see below on the website too is fake.

Notion cash fake testimony you should stay away from

The image of Paula C you see above can be found on similar scam platforms as revealed by Google image search. 

Notion cash fake proof revealed on google search

These fake testimonials might not harm you directly but it gets worse which you have to be on the alert.  

#4. You Use At Your Own Risk

Not only would waste your time but you’ll expose yourself to risks which you may not be able to avert or find anyone to hold responsible. One such things are the links section on their terms and service below. 

Notion cash harmful links


As you can see, those third-party websites that you’re sent to are likely to harm your device which you have to be careful of. If it does happen, you can’t blame Notion Cash – who would you even see to blame? 

#5. High Possibility of Being Spammed

You’re also to be aware that all the data you provide on Notion Cash are stored and given to their sponsors upon request as seen below. 

Notion cash shares your data with sponsors


This form of data collection is likely to be followed by spam emails of which some may cost you money. So not only is Notion Cash owners making money out of your ignorance but exposing you to all sort of risks you might live to regret.

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Is Notion Cash A Scam? It’s Obvious!

NotionCash is definitely a scam that you wouldn’t want it to cross your mind to visit their site, let alone sharing your personal information with them. Nothing on their website shows that they’re here to make you happy. 

There is no one to contact in case of any legal issues or problems because the owners are anonymous. It’s obvious that they’re leveraging your personal information and sweat to their riches. 

Why would you give your information to a website which fails to disclose the brains behind? You’ll be working for them to be happy. Instead, try out GetPaidTo, Respondent, Rewards1 and Fluidstack if you want to make an extra income for your pocket. 

My Honest Advice

The painful experience with platforms like NotionCash is not just your unrewarded effort but your integrity that you put on the line. Imagine how your friends will regard you after ignorantly inviting them to join NotionCash only to be a bad friend in the end. 

That trust will be difficult to earn back when you get a genuine opportunity to even share with them in the future. So aside from saving yourself from risking your personal information, keep your integrity intact. 

If at this point you’re realized that NotionCash is a scam, you might probably be asking what’s there for you then. Don’t worry, other opportunities are available.  

Notion Cash Best Alternative

A few years back, I also fell for scam sites like NotionCash and even lost my hard-earned money with some platforms. But not this time because I’m knowledgeable enough now. 

This program helped me to not only spot scammers with shiny offers but helped me to make money online working part-time even as a research student. And I believe you can too if you’re interested in making money online. 

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Final Words

Thank you for following through to this point to avoid falling for the trap of NotionCash and I hope you’ve learned something from the review. 

If the review has been helpful to you, please feel free to share with others who might not know that NotionCash is a scam and you’ll be doing them a lot of good. 

Furthermore, should you be interested in creating an online business from your passion, below is a FREE ultimate guide to sign-up. There are unlimited opportunities you’re missing out – Grab them quick! 

Until then, you have the freedom to share your experience with NotionCash in the comment box below and I’ll be glad to connect with you.  

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Your friend, 


4 thoughts on “Notion Cash Review: I Almost Fell For This!”

  1. I am so happy that you have written a detailed review of a product despite that the fact you are not promoting it. Rather you are warning your readers to stay away from it.  As a reader, I much appreciated that.

    The internet is full of overhyped product and it seemed like Notion Cash is just another such product.  Testimonials and reviews can be fakely put up these days and one has to do their detailed research before attempting to buy any product online.

    Thanks for this review again.

  2. Thank you for this heads up I and I’m sure other people also were planning on taking this so seeming to be great opportunity however I always had some questions about the site. It just seemed quite too good to be true to get paid 15 bucks for having someone join and they are quite on the new side, too new for me I couldn’t really trust them I would go for a time tested site instead and a 2019 site is just not old enough. I hope no one falls for this scam hey.


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