Is Monat Global A Scam? Boatloads of Complaints, Watch Out!

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Monat Global Review 

Monat Global Review to reveal truthsBusiness Name: Monat Global Corporation/Monat


Headquarters: Miami, USA

Industry: Direct Selling/Multi-Level Marketing

Founder: Rayner Urdaneta and Luis Urdaneta

Founded: May 2014

Products: Hair and skincare products

Price: $99 + $49.99 annual fee + cost of products

Summary: Monat Global is a multilevel marketing company which deals in hair and skin care products. Monat envisions to provide naturally based products and an unmatched business opportunity for individuals who want to work with them as Market Partners. Surprisingly, the company has received tons of complaints which can weigh you down if hanged on your side. Startup cost as a market partner is relatively higher and they don’t provide any income disclosure for you to ascertain success rate putting you at higher risk.

My Overall Rating: 4.2 out of 10

Remarks: If you’re not afraid of losing your hair, try the product. For business opportunity, prepare for anything.

number one recommendation

What is Monat Global About?

Monat Global is a direct selling company which uses multilevel marketing aka network marketing to sell its products through a team of Market partners. It’s one of the conglomerate brands of Alcora Corporation, a bigger umbrella direct selling company found throughout the US and Latin America. 

Monat, which simply means Modern Nature was founded by Rayner Urdaneta and Luis Urdaneta in 2014. The company specializes in the hair and skincare products claimed to be naturally based with a generous compensation plan for people who are interested in becoming Market partners. 

Monat Global since 2016, has received accolades for their remarkable performance in the direct selling business. In 2019, the company received two prestigious Stevie Awards at the American Business Awards ceremony. 

However, it’s interesting how this doesn’t translate into what the public says about them considering the boatloads of complaints and other lawsuits. 

And I’m guessing you’re asking yourself one of these two questions if you’re reading this:

  1. Are Monat Global products effective, safe and even worthy investments?
  2. Can you make money as a Market Partner with Monat Global?

Well, to answer your questions…

For the products, there’s a wide disparity in its effectiveness from reviews on the internet. In a moment, we’ll go a bit deeper into it for you to make an informed decision. 

As for the business aspect, I usually have my doubts for high success rate having reviewed several MLM business opportunities and participated in a few. 

The road for Monat is blurry for not disclosing any income statement on their website which we will delve deeper into in the subsequent sections.

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Monat Global Product Line

Monat Global has a wide range of products like Acti-Labs, Qnet, QuiAri, Purium, MaskCara Beauty, MyDailyChoice which can be categorized into three main product lines: 

  • Haircare
  • Skincare
  • Monat Pet

Monat Global products

According to them, their products are like no other to those in the market due to the tons of research backing them to carefully curate naturally based ingredient formulations to work in harmony. 

Their products are believed to promote anti-ageing for healthy skin and hair which is attributed to their flagship product Rejuveniqe Oil Intensive. It’s their magic product which is claimed to contain over 13 natural plants and essential oils rich in Omega fatty acids and antioxidants. 

Almost all the products in the categories contain a percentage of this Rejuveniqe oil. So what makes Rejuveniqe outspoken and is it really a magic wand?

Here’s what I found…

The over 13 natural plants and essential oils all have antioxidant properties and other benefits to the skin and hair. However, most of them have no scientific evidence on what they actually do. 

An example is an Abyssinian oil obtained from Crambe seed which is sometimes advertised as an exotic seed but it’s now common. In cosmetic applications, most of the benefits are inferred from its chemical composition but not from scientific discoveries. 

You can read extensively on it here. Daucus Carota Sativa (Carrot) Seed Oil, on the other hand, has been suggested in one research study to have multiple skin benefits. Another study also concluded its antibacterial properties for the skin cells. 

However, it also presents possible side effects such as burning sensation, rash and redness which is worth noting. The bottom line then is using Monat Global products wouldn’t deliver the same results for everyone due to the difference in reactions from our bodies. 

Let’s see how this is true from users’ reviews. 

What The Public Says About Monat Global Products

Out of 60 customer reviews on Amazon, 60% rated the Rejuveniqe oil intensive 5-stars while 21% gave it a one star. Many seem to have called it a fake version because it feels diluted and comes with no packaging in some cases.

I’m tempted to believe so because the amount sold on Amazon ($34.99) is far lower than half the price on Monat website ($99.00). So in order not to be biased, I checked out on Trustpilot too.

Out of 2,700 reviews, 61% say Monat products are excellent while 21% say it’s really bad. Some of the most recent product reviews are below;

A number of product concerns are also reported by KTNV channel Las Vegas in the video below;

So it’s obvious from the above that you should be prepared to lose your hair with Monat products while it’s also possible to achieve amazing results depending on how your system reacts to the products.

So why such disappointing results for others……..

As shared with you earlier, some of the essential oils added to the products have some side effects like burning sensations, heat rash when exposed to sun and irritation so you might want to be sure that you don’t have any allergic reactions to the components involved. 

Other causes may be bad manufacturing practices or chemicals you and I will not know so you have to do your due diligence. In case, it works perfectly for you, let’s see how to make money with them. 

How Do You Make Money With Monat Global

Selling Products

Unlike Affiliate Marketing where you only promote products you don’t own to earn commissions without necessarily buying it, you have to purchase and resell Monats products in order to make money. 

This requires sales skills that most who don’t develop that fail to find success. Failure to sell your products every month will lead to a pile of them which forces your hand to sell at a discounted price and may lose money as well. 

So you need to develop the skills in not only selling but getting more customers. There’s no escaping from buying the products to sell because it’s how you also qualify to earn other bonuses in the other option of earning.   

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Building A Team of Market Partners

Multi-Level marketing works on leveraging the effort of team members to make money which is achieved by recruiting people into Monat Global as Market Partners. 

Most of the money you make comes from this option which works by attracting prospects of likeminded people into the business. You would have to equip yourself with the capability to build a team before you can achieve any success with this option.

Monat Global Compensation Plan

Monat Global claims to offer one of the generous compensation plans in the industry. To me, it’s complicated to understand which is common to MLM companies. The plan is basically in two parts:

Retailing Commissions

These are commissions you make by reselling Monat Global products. The Commissions here differs depending on the customer base. 

You earn 30% commission on sales made to the general public and 15% commission on VIP customer sales. In addition to these, Monat Global rewards you extra 3% commission on personal sales that generate between 1,000 – 1,999 personal volumes (PV). 

For personal sales of 2,000 – 3,499 PV and above 3,500 PV, you earn 5% and 10% commissions respectively. These sound so attractive but they cost more money than you can think. 

200 PV of products is equivalent to $199 so you can imagine how much money you need to fork out from your wallet in order to make these commissions.

And the other side to this is that there is no guarantee you’ll be able to sell those products in a month unless you’ve developed the skills to generate an unlimited customer base

Other than that you’ll end up with a pile of products which is the woe of many people. Monat is really trying to promote selling here as recommended by FTC but the truth is recruitment makes you the bigger percentage of the money. 

Recruitment Commissions

These commissions are earned on the number of people you recruit as VIP customers and Market Partners (MP). This is a good strategy to promote selling and it’s one of the unique compensation plans I’ve come across. 

In brief, the commissions here can be separated into two main parts;

Smart Start Bonuses

You can earn up to $710.00 depending on the number of blocks (4 VIP customers and 1 personally enrolled Market Partner) you recruit into your business. 

You’ll qualify for all the bonuses under this section provided you meet all the requirements in your smart start period which is a new MP’s enrollment month plus the following two calendar months. 

Market Partners who have passed the smart period don’t qualify for these bonuses. 

Team Bonuses

After the smart bonus period, every 4 VIP customers you enrol in a calendar month earn you $60. For Market Partners you can earn as much as the following;

  • Uni-level bonus
  • Group volume bonus
  • Rank advancement bonus
  • Rank advancement matching bonus
  • Club Motor bonus
  • Generation bonus

These are awesome bonuses that can fatten your wallet but not until you’ve met the following requirement as found in the table below in their unilevel system. 

Monat Global qualification requirements to meet

As you can see, you need to have at least 200PV ($199) every month to be able to enjoy these bonuses. Failure to do this monthly auto-ship means, no money for you. 

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To get a full grasp of the compensation plan, you can watch the video below for a thorough walkthrough

If you still see yourself working with Monat Global then let’s go through to jump on the train. 

How Do You Join Monat Global?

You can join Monat Global in one of two ways;

#1. As Monat VIP Customer ($19.99 one-time fee)

After paying your enrollment fee, you’re expected to place an enrollment order in addition to 2 Flexship orders which opens for you other benefits. 

Flexship orders are scheduled product purchases that should cost $84 or more which comes with free shipping at a 15% discount. You can order the product at intervals of 30 or 60 days. 

As VIP Customer, you can refer a friend to also sign up as VIP customer to earn $20 after their first order which is very cool. 

#2. As Monat Market Partner ($99 + $49.99 annual renewal fee + product pack)

Paying this will get you;

  • Monat starter kits which contain training and marketing materials
  • Virtual office or replicated website

You’re then given up to 30 days to purchase any of their product packs to be fully recognized as Monat Independent Market Partner. What available to you are:

  • Essential Product Pack ($199)
  • Success Product Pack ($349)
  • Overachiever Product Pack ($599)
  • Optimum Product Pack ($799

The product pack you choose will determine the number of product samples. So in effect, you need at least $347.99 ($99 + $49.99 annual renewal fee + essential product pack) to start as an Independent Market Partner with Monat Global. 

This start-up cost is very expensive compared to MaskCara Beauty and Acti-Labs. And that will not be the only cost you’ll incur in your business. Aside from the “rejection allowance” you’re likely to receive, selling the product is another hassle.  

Monat Global Facts and Ugly Truths You Can’t Avoid

Monat indeed has a generous compensation plan but before you fork out your hard-earned money, consider these:

Boatloads of Complaints

Monat Global BBB customer complaintsCustomers have logged over a thousand complaints on Better Business Bureau (BBB) in the last 3 years which ranges from advertising or sales to products and services. About 73.6% of these complaints are related to products/services which is something to really ponder on if you’re planning to promote Monat products.

Out of the 1023 complaints, 170 of them have been closed in the last 12 months which suggest that the company is not that proactive in resolving customer issues. The most recent complaint can be seen below;

Monat Global customer support complaints

Multiple Lawsuits

Not only has Monat Global received yellings from customers, but has been sued for a number of reasons concerning their products side effects and other practices. 

Lawsuit #1:

Lawsuit #2:

Lawsuit #3:

Lawsuit #4:

Monat, on the other hand, has also sued some customers for defaming them which is also capture below:

Lawsuit #5:

Lawsuit #6:

All these cases have given an image to Monat which will be a hard time for Market Partners to combat. Anyway, judgements have been pronounced and Monat Global still operates. 

Very High Start-up Cost

As pointed out earlier, you need not less than $345 to start as an Independent Market Partner which is comparatively expensive compared to other MLM companies like MyDailyChoice, Purium, Arego Life, Wellness Biosciences RX and Acti-Labs.

And if you really want to succeed in this business, there are going to be more costly for you to equip yourself with the necessary. This will span in a space of two years in my experience to actually gain root of this business which is high.

That’s why I resort to this model of business which is far less and reliable. 

Overpriced Products

Monat products are pretty much expensive. Just consider their flagship product, Rejuveniqe oil intensive – it’s $99 for a 30 ml bottle. That’s expensive. 

I know there is the notion that an expensive product implies quality. 

It’s not always the case. As a Chemical Engineer, I’m aware a lot goes into the formulation of products if you’re dealing with several components but the price is over the bar. 

Apart from the complaint, people are logging in, it’s typical of MLM companies. That’s how they’re able to support their compensation plan so I understand the system.  

Poor Support System

Not only customers are complaining about the poor reception from the Monat customer service, but Market Partners are also ranting about their unprofessional service received from them. 

You can see below some of these…..

Monat Global BBB poor customer support

So are you going to be attacked by the public because of product issues and return to the customer support to worsen your frustrations? You’ve got to think through that. 

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No Income Disclosure

In joining any MLM company, one of the things to check out for is the success rate of the business model which is normally found in the income disclosure. 

On Monat Global website, there’s no provision of so you can’t really ascertain whether you’re there’s even a slight chance of making money with the business. 

This heightens your tendency of losing money because it’s already reported that over 99% of people who join MLM fail and over 97% lose their hard-earned money in the process not to mention thwarting relationships. 

Personally, it’s a big RED FLAG if I have to invest my money in this business. 

What I Like About Monat Global

Although the weight balance of Monat Global so far seems to fall on the negative side considering the facts and truths against the company, I like the following about them. 

BBB Rating of A

Despite the galore of customer complaints found on BBB, Monat Global still earns a rating of A which implies that the company is at least trying to be as what they claim to be. 

While this doesn’t imply that all is well with Monat Global, it does convey the message that the company has a lot to fix and they’re at least trying to stay afloat.  

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

There are surely issues with this money-back guarantee offered by Monat, but it’s a good gesture that shows that the company is confident in their products and is willing to take the risk for customers’ safety. 

With these VIP customers are assured of getting a refund for any returned products. It’s better than none. 

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Is Monat Global A Scam? 

Monat Global has been in operation for over 5 years and still managing affairs after all customer complaints and multiple lawsuits. And the company receiving two Gold awards in 2019 means that they’re at least improving. 

With that said, Monat Global is not a scam. It’ll be a harsh conclusion from my side to say they’re scam or pyramid scheme but that doesn’t take away the facts lined-up against them.

As multiple streams of income explorer, I’m presenting to you what’s on the ground but the final decision is in your hands.

My Humble Advice

If after all the complaints and facts against Monat Global don’t move you because of your passion for hair and skincare products, then you can give it a try. Bear in mind it’s not going to be easy as Market Partner. 

On top of developing the skills for generating unlimited leads, you should be ready to disprove all the facts and issues of hair loss found on the internet. If you can’t disprove that then your chances of succeeding are very very slim. 

However, if you think you still have a chance with Monat Global, then I’ll suggest you use the products for at least a month to be convinced of its quality so that you can passionately share with people. Other than that you’ll just be throwing your money away. 

What if at this point you’ve realized that Monat Global is not for you? What else can you do to make money online? Read on……

Monat Global Best Business Alternative

If you’re really determined to build a business even at the comfort of your home to support yourself and your family, then I can guide you through an online program to write your own success. 

I found this program when I was struggling to support myself financially and it’s helping me make passive income working part-time while I do my graduate studies. 

Several people have found successes doing what they’re passionate about with the program and I believe they’re not better than you. The best part is, you can give it a try without committing any financial information of yours. 

Final Words – Over To You!

You deserve a pat on the back for following through the review to this point and I hope that whatever confusion or answer you were looking for has been addressed. 

If you find this review helpful then you can share it with anyone who is caught between two minds on whether Monat Global is a scam or a legitimate company to partner with and I’ll appreciate it so much. 

Furthermore, should you consider creating an online business out of your passion, there’s a FREE ultimate guide below that you can sign-up for to help you get started. 

Until then, feel free to share your experience on Monat Global or ask any questions you have and I’ll be more than glad to reply.

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Your friend


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  1. Hi there. It is a helpful post. I have enjoyed it a lot.

     thanks to you for sharing such an excellent article with us. Yes, i agree with you that Monat Global is not a scam. For a long time it is servicing goods for its customers. As a woman I have used some of its products. All are made with natural ingredients. So there are no side effect for this. So its products are good to use. Monat helps his customers a  lot. So i am a fan of monat. 

    Thanks again for your article. I will share the post with others. So people can know that it is really a good site where no scam exist.

    • Hello, 

      Glad to hear of your experience and it appears you’re one of the fortunate ones who is not yelling at Monat products. As a fan of Monat Global, I’m wondering whether your opinion is an objective one because the complaints found online suggest that the product has side effet for other users. 

      I’m also thankful you stopped by to share your thoughts. 

  2. Though the platform that this works on is actually unique and I must say that I found it very worthwhile but then, this is really not encouraging here. Monat global does offer quite some good products but the negative reviews about them shadows anything good that could spring out of them and for this reason, I’d prefer to stay off rather than stress myself in such a platform like this. Thank you so much for sharing this out here

  3. It’s actually not the first time that I am hearing of Monat global. I was introduced to it by a friend in the past before a colleague also told me about it too recently and asked me to join. I didn’t know the first time that it was a multilevel marketing platform. I’m happy I checked your review first and can see now that there have been so many complaints about it. I will make sure I share this post for others to know.

  4. Today more than ever, one must do their due diligence before signing up for a business opportunity with a company in the MLM industry. It is so easy to get carried away with the company’s marketing which is designed to make people sign up! To that end, this article lays out the facts and has brought to focus both the positive and negatives that current and former customers of the company have experienced. Thanks for well researched and informative review.



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